Baleful Litany

Baleful Litany is an American Black Metal band from Orlando, Florida, founded by guitarist/vocalist Darnell Colon and drummer Pat Crane in 2015. Darnell and Pat initially started writing music together for a thrash metal project under the band name “Within”. The pair soon realized the music they were writing had a much more extreme sound and decided on the name Baleful Litany.

With musical influences ranging from Emperor and Dark Funeral to King Diamond and Candlemass, Baleful Litany delivers a sound driven by songwriting and musicality. Each song is carefully written to be unique and different from the next making the listening experience as dynamic and interesting as possible.

The band’s first demo track, entitled “Fane of The Adversary” showcases the ferocious potential of Baleful Litany, and displays a dark, powerful atmosphere that breathes some fresh air into the Central Florida metal scene.

After signing with Bluntface Records Baleful Litany is set to release their first 5 song CD in the summer of 2018. Be on the lookout for their first official single, coming soon! 

Band Members:

Darnell Colon:  Guitars/Vocals. 

Patrick Crane:  Drums (Bass on "Fane of the Adversary")

Kaleb Daniels (Pontifex) Guest Bass guitar

Patrick, Drums; Darnell, Guitars/Vox

Patrick, Drums; Darnell, Guitars/Vox

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