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Try to stay calm when you’re scared and bound/not a word or a sound/
Try to stay calm when you’re scared and bound/face down on the ground/
Watching thru the trees/the hills in the scene/stupid girl I told you twice/
Need your car, on the run/killed a guard for fun/I’ll take your life
Heart to heart you lay beside her/face to face you share your fate/
I’ll tie you up/I’ll bound your hands/I’ll kill you first/ now you will die/
I watch boy and girl/ on the edge of Twin Oak Ridge/on the run from Deer Lodge/don’t try to be a hero/
They are/two miles north/of park/headquarters/they’re in/a white Volkswagen/ “I’m the one you want” (written by the Zodiac Killer)
I’m the one you’re looking for

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