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Rockwater Pictures is the brainchild of Russell Rocheleau. Russell has directed & produced music videos for Bluntface Records' artists Otto Kinzel (I Want to Report a Murder), Virus Cycle (Why won’t you love me?) and The Woodheads (Monday Go Ahead) in addition to also producing videos for other New England based rock and Hip-Hop artists.
His work is defined by very in-depth storytelling, mind bending visuals and a twisted sense of humor. It is anything but ordinary; Russell's "left-of-center" vision to making videos and film is 100% in tune with the same ethos Bluntface Records has when it comes to its roster of artists.

Following his education in Film and Television studies at Fitchburg State College, Russell Rocheleau split his time working in commercials and industrials and as an actor in the New York City area and with regional theater groups throughout New England.

Russell says, "Directing music videos is new territory for me. I don't really consider myself a fan of the medium, at large; however, I do think there is an opportunity to do something daring and a bit mind blowing if the music is good and the artists are on board with going off the beaten path, so to speak. I live with the music for a while and see where it takes me...images come to mind, and stories take shape.
I try to be true to those images and stories even if they betray the expectations of the audience, or dare I say, the artist. Otto and The Woodheads have been cool because they've let me just go... if you're looking for a high gloss, bland, video document of your band singing and playing, if you're looking for something with all the soul of a school portrait, I'm probably not your man."

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“Russell Rocheleau is a talented Boston based director …. His vision for (Otto Kinzel’s) video was to compliment the music in its cinematic narrative, creating more of a mini-movie rather than a simple video.” – Pure Grain Audio

“Rockwater Pictures has been a godsend to me. As a musician and artist, witnessing what they put on the screen has been truly AWESOME! My band Bullethead's video for "Election" came out better than we could have hoped.  My web TV show, "Behind the Scenes" took on a whole new life when Russell and Rockwater took over the directing and editing. I hope one day to bring the show back and have them be a part of it. If anyone's looking for high quality video work then there is no need to look any further” - Jeff Royds (Owner PL2 Entertainment/Creator

“Working with Russell and The Rockwater Pictures staff was a great experience.  Everyone was very professional and was very detail orientated. Russell is a talented visionary who creates mesmerizing videos. I will not hesitate to have the next Virus Cycle video done by Rockwater Pictures” – Johnny Virum (Virus Cycle)

“Rockwater & Russell brought the vision I had in my head to life; Russell took a basic concept I had and transformed it into something beyond my wildest dreams. He worked with me to explain the game plan for creating the video and was the definition of professionalism. I was never stressed or worried at all during the process, Russell made m 100% confident in his ability. I am thrilled with the music video Rockwater created for me and will absolutely be using them again for my next project” – Otto Kinzel (solo artists and owner of Bluntface Records)

“All of (Rockwater’s) videos have their own style... Russell always captures the sound & feeling for the songs he’s working with.... Always.  Russell delivers a very professional piece of work... new ideas, new way to do things... Rockwater Pictures, innovative & surprising Music videos... NOT just Music videos...” – Jay Van Der Funk (The Woodheads & FL Tunes-Denmark)

“Rockwater Pictures represents true artistry when it comes to video" – Oryn The Rebel (artist & owner of United Front Company)

Do you want Rockwater Pictures to do your next music video or film project? Then contact Russell Rocheleau at or 978-596-4248