Concept:  Haniel Adhar; 
Art by:  Rhett McCoullough

Concept: Haniel Adhar; Art by: Rhett McCoullough

Markradonn 2020

Haniel Adhar: Vocals, Lead Guitar, Celloblaster, Baritone Guitar, guitar synth
Tim Carter: Drums, Timpani, Percussion
Erik Martin: Fretless Bass
Kaleb Daniels:  Bass Guitar, flute, baroque flute, Rhythm Guitar
Danny Rowland:  Tuba, Euphonium

Mike Smith: Drums (coming soon)


Markradonn: Experimental Death Metal from Florida

Markradonn is a very different death metal band than what you may be used to. Drawing influences from multiple sources, such as Black Metal, Soundtrack Composers, Aboriginal music, Retro-Video Game OSTs, and classic Florida Death Metal, Markradonn creates an epic and powerful sound that “if they don’t leave an imprint in your memory, they will certainly leave some blood in your eardrums.”-XRP Radio, (UK). 

In addition to using the conventional “metal” instrumentation, Markradonn incorporates a full time brass section and a full time timpani player to add another dimension to the music.  Haniel, the creator of Markradonn, decided to use real instruments to create a bigger, more “soundtrack” type of sound to the music.  The addition of hand percussion, natural drums, and aboriginal instruments also add a “ritualistic” tone to the music, while the analog synths create an ambient and space-age mood.  However, the band retains the basic elements of Death Metal, and you can expect Markradonn to be uncompromising and unrelenting while staying true to their Extreme Metal Roots.


Release Catalog:

Final Dying Breath EP (2013)
The Serpentine Deception EP (2015)
Brass Metal-Live (DVD 2015)
Worlds In Collision (coming soon)

DUR.AN.KI:  Bond Heaven-Earth Full-Length(coming soon)

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