Legendary Death Metal Vocalist Frank Rini to Rejoin Internal Bleeding for American Tour

Bluntface Records is proud to announce to the metal world that Frank Rini, the legendary vocalist for Slam-NYDM metal Icons Internal Bleeding during the mid 1990s, will be joining the band once again for the majority of their US tour.

Frank will be fronting Internal Bleeding on the upcoming Bloodletting Tour between 10/12 - 11/2, including the one-off headlining show in Ohio. “It will be amazing to see long-time fans, new fans, friends, and bands.”  Quotes Rini, “My vocals now are stronger than when I fronted Internal Bleeding in the 90's.  I’m primed, ferocious, and promise to give you a great live experience. …and I am blessed to be asked back in this capacity. Get ready to hear me sing long-time classics as well as songs I’ve never been on, adding my own tones to them. The set list is killer!”

Internal Bleeding, now signed to Unique Leader Records, was the definitive Slam Death Metal band to originate out of Long Island, NY in the 90’s.  They have been highly regarded as one of the most influential death metal bands to ever come from the NY area, cited along with top names such as Suffocation and Pyrexia.  Formed by Chris Pervelis and Billy Tolley in 1991, Internal Bleeding quickly gained a reputation of being one of the hardest working, most brutal death metal acts ever.  Now with the addition of Frank Rini (their vocalist for the first two albums) for at least 75% of the upcoming tour, Internal Bleeding will bring back some fond memories for older fans while bringing the slam to some new fans like never before.  This is a tour that absolutely shouldn’t be missed.  

For more information, check out Frank’s post.

Be sure to check out Unique Leader Records for Internal Bleeding’s latest album Corrupting Influence due out on Oct 19th, 2018.  And don’t forget to check back with Bluntface Records for brand new music from bands like Pontifex, Macabre Eternal, Markradonn, Abvulabashy, and Chasing Sanity. 

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