Unleashed in early 1998 Abvulabashy became a respected underground black metal band in the global scene. As the years progressed, the band had various lineup changes and ultimately only founder Iddimu Akhkharu remains to spread the christkrushing hate of Abvulabashy to the masses of rabid and insane black metal fans. 

Fans of Profanatica, Early Darkthrone, and Early Mayhem would slit their own throats upon hearing what Abvulabashy brings forth: Hate, Aggression, and Devastation-this is what Abvulabashy is all about and has been since its beginning.

After 20 years and a series of self produced, raw releases, in 2018, ABVULABASHY has teamed up with Bluntface Records to began recording their 3rd full length album, Revengeance, with a new line up, an updated, professional production, and will feature a more refined aggression not heard on their previous work.

Revengeance features an all new demonic line up with  Nvctemeron on Guitar and Drums and Alanthor Lyzantyhl on bass guitar, and will be Executive Produced by Haniel Adhar (Markradonn, Pontifex).

The future looks dark and bleak for Abvulabashy, and they’d have it no other way. Uncompromising and unrelenting, Abvulabashy seeks approval from no one.  If you want nice and pretty music, then listen to top 4o pop music.  If you want to burn in hellfire and brimstone, then Abvulabashy is your new master.

The Horde of Hellfury:

Iddimu Akhkharu: Mayhemic Hellhatred

Nuctemeron: Angelraping Six string Desecrator ov Lucifer

and Apokalypik Jagdpanther SDKFZ 173

Alanthor Lisanthyl: Devastating Four string Ravager ov Bethlehem