Bluntface Records is an organization that supports independent musicians and artists that strive to create content outside the mainstream. No pre-formulated requirements; no generic templates. Bluntface strives to provide a forum for those artists who think and act "non-conformist" and need a home for their avant-garde or "old school" projects. Currently Bluntface Records is open to working with any artists that specialize in ground breaking or old-school style black or death metal, or any new genre that focuses on quality of content over quantity, and who feel like they need "a team who understands." The NEW BFR is focused on a team-first attitude, where each of our individual musical dreams and goals are shared as one common goal:  to make music that means something to us and share it with people who value it as we do.  

In March of 2017, the new CEO of Bluntface Records Haniel Adhar, the visionary leader behind Markradonn, took over the label to bring BFR to the next level. This was a natural progression as Haniel always had a dream of running a label that supported underground and independent artists with a personal vision for their musical expression. “I cannot think of anyone else who would be better suited for this job than Haniel. His work ethic and passion are unparalleled”, said Otto Kinzel, originator of BFR.

FOR Musician, BY Musicians.  Support others as you want to be supported!

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