Revolution of the Musician

Revolution of the Musician 

When someone "gives" you money, do you think they don't expect something? 

If they do not say they want something in return, then one of the following is true: 

1) It is a gift from a relative 

2) They are just stupid and have money to burn 

3) They are lying to you and really do want something; but they just have not told you yet, because what they want is far more valuable than the money they gave you. 

So, in reality, if someone "invests" in you, they own a part of you. Think about that. Watch Shark Tank for a crude example. 

Musicians, ask yourself a question: why would you want someone to "invest" in you, IE, give you a bunch of money that really isn't yours that you will have to pay back while the person who lent it to you owns a substantial part if not all of your art? 

Why would you want to do that? 

Why would you want to "owe" someone something when in reality, they already own you? 

The old model was that a record label would hand an advance check against sales to an artist, and from that check they were responsible for paying expenses such as production, post production, exchange for a % or all of the publishing rights. The artist would then pay back the advance out of their own royalties from the record sales, which is why we see these pitiful royalty checks that musicians post all over the internet, from years ago up until recently. 

The old model was based on a label "investing" in an artist, but at a price: they own you, your art, your brand, and they control what happens, when, and with whom. Essentially, you sell your soul to have a "record deal", but these sort of deals usually never favor the artist, especially ones that focus on a smaller niche market that doesn't result in high volume sales. 

Basically, those deals suck

The new model is one where the musician is skilled in the arts of business, accounting, revenue generating, Profit vs. Loss, marketing, production, artist development, and managing and booking. These skills were frequently shared by many, many people who had their hands in the proverbial cookie jar. These people all needed to get paid in the past, and usually large sums of money. Now? Pfft. They are obsolete, because technology and the internet have provided the musician with literally every tool they need to become successful, with a fraction of the cost and with NO ONE owning any part of one's creation. The musician IS now officially in control of their own destiny. They no longer need to be the push-over peons that the rest of the industry can take advantage of. Now, they have everything they need to give the finger to traditional record labels and management companies and do it for themselves. 

Concepts such as crowdfunding, on demand services, and social media as well as DIY home recording and post production have eliminated the need for the artist or musician to rely on big corporate conglomerates and sleazy executives who traditionally have taken advantage of passionate but naive musicians. The musician can now do all of it themselves, with minimal executive representation. It is truly a "revolution of the musician", and the time is NOW to break free from the cliché stereotype of the "starving artist" who dreams of landing a record deal to make all their hopes and dreams come true. 

Well, kiddo, time to realize one very important thing: YOU are the only person who can make your own dreams come true. You have to work for it. You no longer can be JUST a musician. You have to be a multifaceted, dynamic person with skills in various different areas of expertise. You cannot trust or rely on anyone else to give you a break. This is not American Idol. This is not fairy tale land. This is reality and you make your own breaks, and you must understand that your goals mean more to you than they do anyone else, so you must invest in yourself: time, money, training, education, etc...If you invest in yourself, who do you owe? You owe to yourself, and no one else. 

Being in control of your own destiny is a powerful mindset to be in. It frees you from the whims of others and allows a much clearer path for you to achieve your goals. And YOU are directly responsible for your success...and subsequently your failures. But in the end your art is your own, and the freedom you gain from being totally immersed in your art with no "corporate entanglements" is an utterly euphoric experience. 

Or, you can just be a "rockstar". And one day, broke, while someone is getting rich off your life's work. Does that seem fair to you? 

Think about it. 


The NEW Bluntface Records is focused on creating self-reliant musicians who are skilled in many different aspects of the music industry. We aim to educate musicians and make them more capable; more "independent", if you will. We will be holding trainings on things such as management, production, business, accounting, the mentality of being successful, etc...for our artists in the months to come. 

We provide resources and support for artists, and have established a network of musicians, artists, engineers, and other skilled people to support our artists in the development of their passion. We are launching a PR division to assist in not only promotion but in driving up sales by accessing passionate fans who love what you do. 

We encourage the musician to take ownership of their art, work, success, and failures, and promote a team-work atmosphere. We are all about work ethic and focus. We support true art and expression, and in order to do that, we support the artist and their vision. The artists in our community are committed to supporting one another, because we are all in the same boat going to the same place... 

Not everyone will find our unorthodox approach to be of benefit to them. Those people are not good candidates for this label. There are those musicians that are still chasing the proverbial brass ring and never end up grabbing it. 

That's because the game is rigged

Time for you to change the rules of the game to favor you, your art, and your vision. Time to take the bull by the horns and make it do your bidding. The time is NOW. 

Are you ready? 

-Haniel Adhar CEO Bluntface Records.


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